DESDanish Energy Systems

is a Danish plant constructor with more than 50 years of know-how in building biomass fired boiler plants. We design, manufacture and erect tailor made combustion equipment for nearly all kind of biomass such as i.e. straw, wood chip, wood waste, agricultural waste, and waste from many kinds of industries, hereunder sludge from paper mills etc.. With our distinctive and broad knowledge we are among the leading companies in the branch.

Our biomass combustion equipment is delivered direct to end customers as well as to a number of suppliers of biomass fired boiler plants around the world. In connection with bio-waste heat systems tailored to the specific requirements of the customers, our licenses holders supply turn-key plants for nearly all specifications.

DES design and constructs Tailor made plants for environmental-friendly, thermal utilization of biomass fuels, as well as residual materials using the latest energy conversation methods.

DES plans and constructs fully Tailor made combustion plants for environmentally-friendly, thermal utilization of biomass, alternative fuels and residual materials using the very latest energy conversion methods.

The company offers complete plants, as well as components solutions for thermal utilization of biomass material based on latest developed combustion systems, and delivers components to boiler producers around in Europe.

Danish Energy Systems – taken over by Danish Biomass Combustion Aps

Danish Biomass Combustion Aps, has taken over Danish Energy Systems the 26 October 2017, and will in the future function as a trademark under Danish Biomass Combustion Aps, where all further activities will perform under.

The team behind Danish Biomass Combustion Aps, are were among the first producers of efficient green energy plants in Denmark and Europe, and have more than 50 years of knowhow with combustion of biomass.

We look forward to continuing to service your Biomass fired Boiler plants, as before.