Rebuilding Existing Plants

DES also rebuilds existing combustion equipment/boiler plants in order to reduce capital costs, improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Rebuilds can be performed on all types of existing combusting grates to fulfil the new requirements.

The service team begins the rebuild project with a thorough and professional system evaluation. After determining what components need repair or replacement, all parts and labour are provided by Danish Energy Systems for the rebuild of the combustion grate.

Rebuilds may include:


  • Repairing or replacing a new feeding system
  • Repairing or replacing frame for new wagons
  • Replacing new zones
  • Repairing or replacing new hoppers
  • Repairing or replacing dampers
  • Replacing or reworking material handling systems including fans screw conveyors,
    airlocks and slide gates.
  • Replacing new hydraulic unit
  • Start up and test run