DES designs, develop, manufacture and erect complete boiler plants based on biomass fuel. Danish Energy Systems also supplies individual equipment to a number of European boiler manufactures and suppliers, for biomass fuel, such as:

  • Dosing Hoppers
  • Straw Dividers
  • Combustion Grates
  • Multicyclones
  • Lime Dosing Systems
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Combustion Air Fans
  • Smoke Gas Dampers
  • Rotary Air Locks
  • Control Systems
  • Dust Emissions Controlling
  • Engineering
  • Feeding Systems
  • Wood Grinders
  • Ash Transport Systems
  • Bag Filters
  • Wet Scrubbers
  • Smoke Gas Fans
  • Transportation Air Fans
  • Combustion Air Dampers
  • Flap Gate Valves
  • CTS- Systems
  • Rebuilding of Existing Plants
  • Staff training

Combustion Grates

All our combustion grates are tailor made and produced individually for the specific fuels our customers want to combust. Many factors are considered in the designing process, like heat value, ash amount, ash melting point, chloride levels, hydrocarbon etc.

In addition our combustion grates are quit unique as they are equipped with 100% divided drying zones, combusting and cooling zones to secure an optimal control of the combustion, and as a consequence one of the most used combustion grates in Europe.

Danish Energy Systems supply combustion grates in sizes from 1-50 MW.

Inclined Grates

DES inclined combustion grates are mainly used for bio-fuel with high moisture content, up to 60%, and goes from 5 MW up to app. 50 MW, depending on the specific fuel.

Horizontal Grates

DES horizontal combustion grates are mainly used for bio-fuelled boiler plants between 1.0 MW and 8 MW with low moisture content. However, with the unique system for drying, zone dividing for air amount and zone speed, is it also possible to combust fuel with an moisture content up to 50%.

Fuel Feeders

DES supplies different fuel feeders; however the most common feeders are hydraulic fuel feeders for bigger boiler plants with wet and bigger pieces of fuel, and screw conveyor feeders for smaller plants and dry and fine fuel.

Hydraulic Feeders

The hydraulic fuel feeder can work via i.e. automatic crane or by belt conveyors, depending of the customer’s demand.

From the store silo the biomass fuel is led into the hopper above the fuel feeder. The hopper is equipped with an electronic sensor who takes care there is a constant amount of fuel ready to be feed in to the boiler.

The feeder is supplied with a hydraulic pushing system that is pushing the bio fuel into the boiler in proportion to the actual boiler load.

The feeding system is provided with the necessary fire dampers and sprinkler system.

Conveyor Stokers

DES also supplies Screw Conveyor Stokers for feeding Biomass Boilers. This type of feeders is mainly used for smaller boiler plants and with fuel without longer or bigger pieces.

Capacity up to 15 m3 / h.

Clinker Transport

DES offers ash transport systems that have been specially engineered to assist maximizing ash material to prevent transport problems.

All our ash transport systems are tailor made and designed for the specific ash material and amount. The most used systems are a wet transport system and secure a transport free of dust and danger for sparks.